5 Symbols That Drove You Crazy Because You Didn’t Know What They Meant, But Now You Do

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In your lifetime, you have probably had the weird phenomenon where you keep seeing the same certain things over and over again.

There have been too many reports to count of people saying they always see cardinals or always look at a clock at the same specific time every day, and they simply do not know what it could mean.

If this is happening, don’t ignore it, as they are signs that have a deeper meaning to something you are experiencing or have experienced. 

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Angel Numbers

Do you ever look at the clock and its 11:11? Or 2:22? These are angel numbers. Not just 11:11 and 2:22, but numbers that are synchronous with each other.

If you always look at the clock and the time is 4:44, and then you go get a latte from Saint’s Cafe and the price is $4.44, an angel is said to be trying to convey a message to you.

Angel numbers can also be a number that you constantly see everywhere, and do not have to be the same repeating numbers in a sequence.

This message usually has a few different meanings depending on the situation your life is currently in.

One of the meanings of this symbol is if you are going through a big change in your life. They send either a warning that you may need to change the new path you are on, or an affirmation that you are on the right path.

If you are not going through any change, angel numbers symbolize that you are reaching a good point in your life where you will be open to accepting the great opportunities that the universe will offer you.

The Most Common Angel Numbers And What They Mean — Amanda Linette Meder
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A butterfly is another common symbol to see in your everyday life repeatedly, but it means something deeper, as well.

Butterflies symbolize personal growth, as they once were a caterpillar that grew into a beautiful butterfly during metamorphosis.

When you see a butterfly, it means that you may need to look at areas of personality in which you can improve upon. 

A butterfly symbolizes that you must not be afraid to go into your own metamorphosis.

Butterfly wings are perfectly designed to give them a burst of jet  propulsion- Technology News, Firstpost
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This is probably one of the most popular symbols that people report seeing after they lose a loved one, and they are known to symbolize the presence of a loved one who has passed. 

‘Cardo’ in Latin means ‘hinge,’ which makes sense because a hinge is something that connects objects to each other, and cardinals are said to be messengers from the deceased to the living to let them know their deceased loved ones are okay wherever they may be. 

Although cardinals are widely known as messages of comfort from deceased loved ones, they also are a sign to work on yourself and your well-being. 

If you see a cardinal, focus on yourself for a little bit, meditate and reconnect with your soul.

Hochman: Lack of Cardinals baseball is for the birds — literally | Benjamin  Hochman | stltoday.com
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Often thought of as a symbol of good luck, seeing a rainbow can mean that something good is on its way for you.

The phrase, “you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain,” holds true to its symbolism; if you are experiencing a rough patch in your life, and then see a rainbow, good things are headed your way.

A rainbow also symbolizes our inner light that can shine through by doing good deeds, so try to do something right for yourself or another, even if you don’t want to, and see what positive aspect of yourself shines through by you doing that something.

Remember the rainbow | WORLD News Group
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If you are walking on a sidewalk and stumble across a penny, it was put there for a reason.

The reason being that if you are dealing with a certain issue and you find that penny, it is a symbol that everything will be okay and that it will work itself out.

It is a symbol of faith and a sure sign that any issue or conflict you are facing trouble with will be resolved and that you need to stop worrying about it.

Also, similar to a cardinal, pennies are said to be signs from deceased loved ones to tell us that they are okay. 

There is even an expression, “pennies from heaven,”  as well as a song by that title because it is such a common occurrence to find a bunch of pennies after a loved one passes away. 

Ally Bank places 'lucky pennies' in Detroit worth $1,000 each
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If you have ever come into contact with any of these symbols, odds are they mean something deeper than just seeing a butterfly or finding a penny. 

Keep these symbols in mind for the future whenever you may encounter them again.


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