5 Last-Minute Group Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is just around the corner and now is the time to put together costumes for the spookiest night of the year. Looking to change things up from your typical last minute idea? Group costumes can be a lot of fun, but do require a little bit of advanced planning.

The Spice Girls

Grab four of your girls and together the five of you will be spicing up the dance floor in no time. This costume is perfect if your girl gang wants to do a group costume, but you don’t all want to be wearing the exact same thing. Plus, most things worn by this ’90s pop group are everyday things you can likely find around State College or in your own closet already. The Spice Girls also have multiple different looks, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.


Need a last minute group costume that can include both girls and guys AND is easy to put together? Consider having your squad resemble this classic rock group. All you need is different all black outfits (the more mesh and rips the better) and the famous KISS face paint and you’ve got yourself a fun and festive group costume. This costume can be put together the day of and won’t require spending a lot of money.

Royal Flush

This is another easy group costume that can be thrown together quickly. There are a lot of possible variations, but the most simple one is for everyone to wear a white top and a black bottom. From there, make cutouts with the appropriate symbol for a jack, queen, king, ace and a 10. Then, decide what suit your group wants to be — hearts, spades, clubs, or diamonds. In no time, you’ll have a simple costume that is also not super over done.

Bloody Zombies

The best group costumes are the ones that are super easy and have no limit to how many people they can include. This costume is commonly done by individuals, but for an even spookier night, grab a few friends and give it a try. Take an oversized white t-shirt, distress it, and add red handprints made from either paint or fake blood. Be sure to give time to let the shirt dry before heading out to your Halloween festivities. Beyond just the shirt, layer with any kind of black tops or bottoms and pair with any shoes. Be sure to add more “blood” to legs and arms to make it super spooky.

Referee and a Team

This is the perfect group Halloween costume if you plan on going out with a large group. Have a few people dress up as the referees — complete with the classic black and white stripe shirt — and have everyone else wear their favorite team’s jersey. Be sure to have eye black for the players! If you want to make these even more of a group effort, try and have all of the players wearing a jersey, either from the same team or from a different team. The possibilities are endless with this one!

No matter whether your squad prefers sporty or spooky, the possibilities are endless for group costumes. If you’ve never tried getting a group together to do this before, it doesn’t have to be super expensive or difficult. Dressing up for Halloween can be fun, but doing it with a group of friends can make it even more memorable.


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