Halloween Costumes: Penn State Edition

It’s Halloween and you all know what that means! It’s time to scrounge up your most creative ideas and dig through piles of clothes to figure out what to wear tonight.

If anyone is struggling for last minute ideas, look no further! VALLEY has a few Penn State-inspired costume ideas that you can use in a pinch, if you’re struggling.

Canyon Pizza

If you’re looking for an easy but creative costume idea, you can dress up as Canyon Pizza! You can either buy a pizza costume or DIY yourself a pizza t-shirt, and then wear a Penn State hat and other Penn State accessories to complete the look.

Willard Preacher

If you really want to be a Penn State icon, you can dress up as the Willard Preacher. This costume is iconic, easily recognizable, and super easy – you just have to wear a red hoodie, jeans, glasses, and sneakers. The religious preaching aspect of this costume is optional, though.

Berkey Creamery Ice Cream

If you’re looking for another Penn State costume, you can go as a scoop of your favorite flavor of Berkey Creamery ice cream. Just pick whichever flavor is your favorite and decorate a t-shirt of the same color and wear it with khakis or tan pants for a cone.

Penn State Cheerleader

Dressing as a Penn State cheerleader is an easy option, too. The uniform never goes out of style, and everyone would immediately be able to tell what your costume is. Plus, you’re guaranteed to look adorable.

Penn State Athlete

Why stop at just being a cheerleader? You can get your friends together and be a whole Penn State athletic team! You could be the football, basketball, or ice hockey team, or  whichever team you and your friends support most. You just have to pick up a Penn State jersey or make a t-shirt into one.

Yallah Taco

Now this costume is pretty self-explanatory, but you could dress as a taco or burrito from Yallah Taco. Everyone will be completely impressed by your specification of what kind of taco, or at least, people will totally think it’s hilarious- and delicious.

Nittany Lion

Last, but certainly not least, you can dress up as the Nittany Lion! The actual Nittany Lion knockoff costume is decently expensive, so VALLEY doesn’t recommend spending a small fortune on it for your Halloween costume. But you can definitely wear tan/brown clothing, Nittany Lion ears, and Penn State merchandise to complete the look.

No matter what you ultimately decide to be for Halloween, remember to be safe and have an amazing holiday.