Your Guide to Getting Your Nails Done During A Pandemic

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Let’s face it — we all love having our nails done. From the excitement of scrolling through Pinterest to pick your next nail design, getting your nails done has become one of the most popular forms of self-care. We all know that acrylics, gel polish, or dip powder can make you feel like a new woman!

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, health professionals have speculated the safety of taking a trip to the nail salon. Social distancing and mask mandates have required nail salons to work with this new reality, but are nail salons really the best place to be during this pandemic?

The answer is no — especially for high-risk groups. However, nail salons still can be safe for those planning to get their nails done during the pandemic. Several nail salons across the country are taking extra precautions, requiring temperature checks and COVID-19 waivers to keep their salons safe.

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According to this article by KRCA in California, the first COVID-19 community spread case traced back to a nail salon. The risks of going to a nail salon are definitely higher during the pandemic, with the nail technicians constantly touching and breathing in your personal space. Hair and nail salons currently rank #3 on the most dangerous places to go to during the pandemic, according to this website

However, you can still go and get your nails done—but be safe! VALLEY has made a comprehensive guide of the five key steps to getting your nails done during the pandemic.

1. The Golden Rule: If You Have Doubts, Don’t Go!
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This pandemic has left feelings of uncertainty in citizens all over the United States. If you speculate that you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have COVID-19 symptoms, do not go to the salon! Even if you have doubts, it is better to be safe than sorry. The worst thing you could do during the pandemic is spread the virus to others, which could lead to more positive cases and potentially deaths. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has a coronavirus self-checker, which can be found here.

2. Limit Your Time At The Nail Salon
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If you’re the type of person to get your manicure or pedicure at the same time— save it amidst the pandemic. Try reducing your time at the nail salon by only getting your toenails or nails done, rather than both. The CDC said that the virus in a positive COVID-19 individual can spread through a 15 minute or more time frame. Although you should be wearing masks in the salon, getting your toenails or nails done while social distancing is ultimately impossible to do. Reducing the time with your nail technician will not only protect you and your technician, but it will also protect other customers in the salon.

3. Bring Your Own Tools
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Yes—we know it sounds crazy. You go to the nail salon for the entire experience, where the nail technician takes great care of you by dolling your nails up with their own tools. However, is that really the safest thing to do during the pandemic? Nail salons are required to sterilize and disinfect their tools after each use, but this cleaning isn’t always 100% guaranteed to be perfect. Help out your technician by bringing your own tools, like your favorite nail polish or file to prevent the use of the salon’s tools.

4. Tip Generously

These are unprecedented times. Small businesses are taking a hard hit due to the coronavirus pandemic, so make sure to tip generously when getting your nails done. These technicians are risking their lives to continue working, so make sure you tip as you see fit! Consider buying a gift card from these nail salons to support them as well. 

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