Not-So-Typical Study Spots

Pattee-Paterno Library. HUB-Robeson Center. Business Building. They’re typical study spots…but that’s just the problem- everyone is there. They’re meant to be quiet, but quickly become loud and distracting, defeating the whole purpose.

“The library is too much, too big, too many people,” agrees sophomore education major Kassandra Logue. “I get distracted easily.”

To focus for an exam or assignment, wouldn’t you rather be somewhere without a line for a computer or desk? Thankfully, there are many other locations on and around campus you can go to be productive.

The Schlow Library is conveniently located on the corner of Beaver Ave. and S. Allen Street. It’s slightly off campus, meaning you avoid the majority of students, and offers a relaxed atmosphere. With research tools such as access to online libraries and databases, some available to download to portable devices, as well as what the Schlow Library Website says is a complete online collection of “magazine articles,test preparation, self-guided language learning” tools.

A great spot to relax with a coffee or tea while you study is Webster’s Bookstore Café at 133 E. Beaver Ave. Similar to Schlow, Webster’s Café offers an entire bookstore, handy for study resources. The downside of Webster’s is it closes by 8 p.m., but if you need a quiet spot during the day, it’s perfect.

Last, if you don’t wish to venture too far from campus, is the Stuckeman Family Building, commonly known as the Architect Building. Stuckeman Building is located directly behind the Palmer Art Museum, which is very convenient if you’re coming from class in Forum Building. During Stuckeman’s construction in 2006, the building was designed to utilize as much natural lighting as possible, creating a bright, energetic atmosphere. Sounds soothing to us!

The next time you consider heading to the loud HUB or crowded library, try exploring one of these unique study spots. With so many little nooks that offer a studying getaway, there’s no need to remain confined to unsatisfactory, over-crowded spaces. Good luck on that homework.


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