You Should Start Using Retinoids: Here’s Why

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There is a common misconception that retinol is reserved for older women who want to reverse the effects of aging. It’s true; retinol has amazing anti-aging properties and can actually backpedal years of damage within the skin. However, while retinol is excellent at correction, that doesn’t mean it cannot be used preventatively or that it doesn’t have other great qualities.

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Starting to use retinol in your 20s can actually delay the aging process. According to ELLE Canada, using retinoids early will keep your skin bouncy by producing more collagen.

“Retinol works by encouraging cell turnover at a speedier rate,” says ELLE Canada.

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While you likely do not see the effects of sun damage or wrinkles at a young age, retinoids will work to keep those fine lines at bay.

For those of you dealing with acne, retinoids have you covered in that department as well. A retinol can help heal acne, reduce redness and pigmentation, reduce the look of dark spots and acne scarring, and leave you with smooth skin.

YouTuber and skincare specialist, Hyram Yarbro, made an entire video commending Drunk Elephant’s ‘A-Passioni Retinol Cream’. Hyram says he favors Drunk Elephant’s product because their moral code states that they do not include irritators, such as essential oils or overly stripping ingredients, that can be found in many different company’s products. He explains that because Drunk Elephant keeps these ingredients out of their skincare lines, the retinol is not negatively triggered.

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Hyram also mentions that retinoids have a reputation for causing dryness and sun sensitivity. Hyram explains that what is great about Drunk Elephant’s retinol cream is they have incorporated hydrating oils to avoid excess dryness. There is also xanthophyll, which is found in plants to assist in absorbing the correct amount of light energy and prevent any further sun damage.

Retinoids are an extremely powerful product and have been known to cause irritation. Retinol products have been commonly mixed with irritating ingredients in the past, such as fragrances, which doesn’t necessarily mean the retinol itself is the problem. If you have sensitive skin or feel irritation while using a retinol product, stop use immediately.

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