Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for a Trip Down South

If you are taking a trip to the beach or just going farther south than you’re used to, Valley wants you to be prepared for your upcoming vacation. Summer break has arrived, and it seems that fashion trends favor the heat because the hotter the weather, the shorter the shorts. Here are some do’s and don’ts to consider when packing for a trip to the South.


The first thing to reach for when loading up your suitcase is a swimsuit, or two. When it comes to deciding the best style of suit for your trip, take your potential amount of sun exposure into consideration. With the sun shining brightly, exposed skin can be left feeling fried after a day in the southern sun. One-piece swimsuits are a stylish option that can spare you from a sunburned midriff.


As a comfortable and easy outfit, rompers are a must. They come in different patterns and styles so you should always have a couple handy. Not only are they a lightweight outfit, but they can also double as a swimsuit cover-up. There is no need to fret about matching a top and bottom. Try a romper for a quick solution to a summer outfit dilemma.


The name says it all! Sundresses are a perfect outfit for spending a day in the sun. They are a great way to beat the humidity. Valley recommends keeping a loose, cotton dress as your go-to.

Sophomore Kelsey Lentz says, “My favorite thing to wear in Hilton Head were sundresses because flowy dresses kept me cool and comfortable.”

A loose dress has the perfect, soft silhouette for the heat down south.


While flip-flops are a great thing to pack for the beach, they shouldn’t be the only shoes you bring. Expecting nice weather every day is optimistic, even for the south. Be sure to pack a sturdy pair of sneakers, as well as some adjustable sandals. Who knows, you might end up hiking instead of sitting on the beach.


As cute as they might be, purses become a nuisance in hot weather. Lugging around a heavy bag is not something you want to do, unless its carrying your beach essentials. For a normal day out, you want your hands free and your shoulder to be able to breathe. Valley recommends a small wallet or utilizing your phone pocket to its fullest extent.


There is a right way to do shorts and a wrong way to do shorts. This has nothing to do with length but fabric; jean shorts might look cute but get uncomfortable in the heat. You can always go for the stretchy faux jean material, but Valley recommends investing in some cute cotton shorts. They are not only breeze-friendly but also very stylish.

Whether you’re going to South Carolina or Florida, Southern fashion revolves around staying comfortable in the sun. Tweet Valley your summer essentials at @ValleyMag.