What to Love on Valentine’s Day Besides a Significant Other

If you are planning an “I hate Valentine’s Day” party for February 14, maybe you should take a sip from a glass that is half full. It is NOT the end of the world if you are single on this specific day.

In fact, you should be jumping for joy to not have to plan out a romantic day in order to please your boyfriend or girlfriend.

“This is my first Valentine’s day without a boyfriend and it’s actually kind of a relief,” says junior public relations major Allie Galoozis. “Valentine’s day was always very stressful because my boyfriend wasn’t really into it and it used to make me sad.”

This Valentines day is all about you! Forget dinner and a movie with that special someone (way too cliché). Spend the night with some of these alternate love interests!

Love food

If you want to feel a little bad, you could make junk food your priority. Let pizza, wings, brownies and anything covered in cheese or chocolate take you home tonight.

Why does food deserve your love? Well, for starters, it always loves you back, which people don’t always do. It wants you…needs you. Without you, there would be no one to give it attention and eat it.

Love friends

With your food by your side, add some friends into the mixture. Why would you want a significant other to love you when you can have friends that embarrass you? Life’s more fun that way, anyway.

You and your gals can plan a Valentine’s day with each other! Obviously leaving out the mushy gushy parts, fill the night with gossiping, watching cheesy movies and laughing until a little bit of pee comes out. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Love yourself

Take this day to think about everything you love about yourself. Don’t feel down because you aren’t in a relationship. Focus on your happiness and no one else’s for a change. Be selfish! This is your one excuse to spoil yourself. And most importantly, remember that you are beautiful. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

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