What Makes A Great Music Video?

Music is one of the most universally appreciated forms of art. It brings people together in a way that nothing else can, whether it be at a festival, concert or even just some friends sitting around in their dorms swapping music. As popular as music is, it only makes sense that artists add to the experience of their songs with visual art as well. Music videos are a way for artists to expand on their songs by acting them out, and VALLEY has a few favorites.

Sleep on the Floor, Angela, Cleopatra – The Lumineers

Photo from “Sleep on the Floor” music video on youtube.com

In these (three) videos, The Lumineers have created an ongoing storyline about a woman growing up and falling in and out of love. It uses her daydreams to show what she is desiring versus what she actually does, which gives the viewer insights as to what the song is about. The carefree attitude that the girl displays in her daydreams, versus what she actually does (usually stays under the radar and sticks to the status quo) calls to mind an internal struggle that everyone can relate to.

This is America – Childish Gambino

Photo from “This is America” music video on youtube.com

In Childish Gambinos music video for his song This is America,” he uses many different forms of symbolism to make a statement about social justice. His use of pop culture dances in the foreground of the video to distract from the violence happening in the background of the video makes this a visual display of modern-day America. The message seems to be that society focuses on petty things like pop culture and trends in order to avoid facing their serious problems head-on. The video is rich with symbolism and tributes to history, making it one of the most revolutionary music videos of today.
New Rules – Dua Lipa

Photo from “New Rules” music video on youtube.com

Dua Lipa’s New Rules” video uses an all-female cast to promote empowerment and solidarity. This song is essentially a set of new rules for a woman who is just gone through a breakup. Throughout the video, Lipas friends keep reminding her of her new rules such as dont pick up the phone, you know hes only calling because hes drunk and alone.” By the end of the video, Lipa has appeared to memorize the rules and is now helping her friend, who has also recently been through a breakup, to follow them. The use of an all-female cast gives this video a very “feminist” vibe, which we love.

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