Valley Overseas: Watching THON Across the Pond

If you ask someone why they came to Penn State or their favorite thing about Penn State, you can expect some of them to say THON. If you know what THON is, then you will understand why. However, so many people outside of THON haven’t even begun to grasp the idea. In the next few years, I think THON can reach worldwide, especially with the help of the new live stream, 46 LIVE.

46 LIVE made THON weekend a lot better for me. Did it help while waiting in line to enter the BJC? Well I’m sure it did for some, but not me. I’m over 3,500 miles and one big ocean away from THON. But with the help of 46 LIVE (which did an AMAZING job!), I got to experience THON. Of course it wasn’t the same as being on the floor and playing with all of the little dreamers, but it was perfect. I even filled my flat mates in on all things THON and by the time THON weekend was approaching they wanted to watch. It was great being able to say I come from a school that has the largest student-run philanthropy in the WORLD! What was even better, the cause for why we THON.

A girl in my class even interviewed me about THON. What is it? Why does Penn State THON? What is it like? Being able to answer these questions and see the expressions of my classmates from across the world was astonishing to say the least. I’m sure this is how a lot of Penn State study abroad students felt. After all, over 100 countries were tuned into THON 2015! I think with the help of every Penn Stater, we can spread the news about THON in hopes of reaching every country. Yeah, it may seem like a huge impossible goal, but raising $13 million dollars wasn’t an easy task either. One day we will dance in celebration, but until then we dance for a cure. Go State, beat cancer!


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