Valley Overseas: Accent Not Included

We have ALL tried to master the English accent. Whether you were having a tea party, hanging with your friends, or trying to pull a fast one on someone you have definitely tried to get away with an English accent. Some may have it done, others need some work. I think I have a way to help, slang.

If you want to seem more convincing while you’re telling someone that you spot Kate Middleton all the time or that the London Eye is your favorite “ride” here’s a little help in doing so. Add these bits of slang into your conversation and you will be seen as English in no time, or at least give someone a good laugh.


Use the following words, phrases or pronunciation in place of your ordinary talk:

Queue – Line (Ex: Are you in the que?)

Mind the gap – Watch your step

Juicy Bits – Pulp (in orange juice)

Tin peas, tomatoes, etc. – Canned food

Rubbish – Trash

Toilet – Bathroom/Restroom

Diary – Planner

Chips – Thicker French fries

Biscuits – Cookies

You okay? – How are you doing?

Love – Used in place of Miss (Ex: *Bumps into you on the tube* Sorry, Love)

Cheers – Thank You

Lift – Elevator

Tube/Underground – London’s version of the subway

Tomato pronounced Tamato 


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