The Right Blush for Your Skin Tone

Photo by Kimberly Hutchison

When shopping for makeup, one of the most challenging products to choose is the right blush. With so many different brands and colors, it can get a little overwhelming. How do you know which is right for you? Valley is here to assist you in finding a blush that will compliment you the most!

Knowing your skin tone is going to be essential in picking the right blush. To make it easier for you, we will break this down to fair, medium, and dark skin.


Fair Skin

You ladies know who you are – if you always have the sunscreen on hand because you burn very easily or have freckles, you will most likely fall into this category.

When selecting a blush, you should gravitate towards the lighter colors. Light pinks and peaches are going to be the best. If unsure, look for words like ‘satin’ or ‘sheer’ because those are going to look the most natural and blendable. Also, make sure to tap excess blush off your brush when applying. It is always easier to build up your color than to take it away (a good tip for every skin tone).


Miani Cosmetics Baked Blush in Luminoso ($8.49)

NARS blush in the shade Orgasm ($30)

NYX blush in peach-which is actually a light pink ($5)


Medium Skin

This is the category that the majority of people will fall into. Similarly to fair skin, the best blushes are going to be pinks and peaches. You are going to want to take these colors further by choosing a darker shade. If you select a shade that is too light it can end up looking ashy. Deep peaches and rich pinks are the way to go.


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Tipsy ($26)

Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop ($21, in bookstore!!)

Makeup Geek Blush in Rendezvous ($9.99)


Dark Skin

For dark skin, you want to make sure you do not choose a shade that is too light for your skin because it will make you look washed out and pale. Deep oranges, roses, and browns will compliment your skin best. Do not be afraid of some of the colors looking too intense because they will appear differently once on the skin. Going with a safe looking pink will most likely just leave you, once again, looking washed out.


Makeup Geek blush in Love Affair ($9.99)

NYX blush in Desert Rose ($5)

NARS blush in Seduction ($30)

Having at least two shades of blush is recommended in order to create different looks. Remember, when applying blush tap off the access so that you do not have too much. If you do feel there is too much blush, just use a damp beauty blender or sponge with some foundation to thin out the color!



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