A Dash of Healthy: Mad About Matcha

What is matcha, you ask? It’s powdered green tea from Japan of an especially high grade. It’s also the latest addition to the superfood craze. According to the Panatēa-brand matcha website, one serving of their matcha is nutritionally equivalent  to 10 cups of green tea. Ten!

We’ve all heard that green tea is good for us, but a lot of the time the hype surrounding superfoods is exaggerated–the serving sizes necessary to see a noticeable difference are huge. Given that matcha is extremely concentrated, however, the benefits could actually be the real deal! (I’ve been drinking it and I can say that I like the way I feel.)

In terms of antioxidants, matcha is full of them. It gets its green color from high doses of chlorophyll, a known detoxifier; plus, it has fiber for healthy digestion and catechins to boost metabolism. More importantly, though, its caffeine release is slower than coffee’s, so it gives you a moderate caffeine boost without the jitters or crash.

The result is a feeling of being awake, but not wired, and the process of making it and drinking it is relaxing. You can even add it to smoothies and baked goods if you like the green tea flavor!

Matcha is available pretty much everywhere, from your local grocery store to Amazon. It might be pricey, but it can be a positive change for coffee addicts and health nuts alike!