The Beauty of Matcha And Why You Should Love It

Matcha has been on the rise in popularity with everything from iced matcha lattes to mixed matcha drinks at Starbucks. People are picking up on the trend and many have little knowledge on the power it holds when it comes to physical and mental health. In comparison to other caffeine options, matcha is considered one of the better ones for you. Keep reading to find out if matcha is your new go-to drink!

Matcha Mentality

For some coffee and energy drink drinkers, too much caffeine can be a problem for mental health. Because of the two drinks being a diuretic, shakiness and anxiety can become a problem. The caffeine is coming from the green tea in matcha, creating a different effect on your body than said coffee.

Coffee has been known to have a “crash” effect — it will make you feel awake and alert for a period of time but then result in a tired feeling. Tiredness can make you feel unproductive and lazy which is never a good feeling when trying to get something done. Instead of having a hyper-alert feeling and crashing in a couple of hours, matcha has a more calming effect. Because it contains less caffeine, your body is not overwhelmed. Matcha has more of a moderate approach which is why most people prefer it over coffee.

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One of the good things about matcha is that it is very versatile — everything from lattes to lemonades, you name it. Green tea is an ingredient that pairs well with many flavors such as vanilla and even pumpkin. If you are looking for something on campus, Saxby’s has a fall flavor latte (they combine their matcha with milk and pumpkin syrup). Check out their menu below to see if they have a matcha combination that you would like!

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Matcha is the new obsession and now we know why. It is good for both your mind and your body and gives you that much-needed boost of energy. If you end up trying it — especially at Saxby’s — tweet us, @VALLEYmag, and let us know what you think!


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