The Power of the Vote

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The world doesn’t stop for anyone. When talking about politics and government, life can seem uncontrollable. Voting is the best way to use your power. It is easy to feel powerless in politics as a college student. Voting is our right and when we exercise that right we can be powerful. 

Voting responsibility is just as important as voting at all, maybe more. Being informed is the only way to be able to make a decision you are confident in. Politics isn’t just black and white. There are mistakes and drama within all political parties. 

Consider this your reminder to be on top of your election game! Here are the important dates:

  • Oct. 19, 2020, is the deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania 
    • You can register to vote here.
  • Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020
  • The deadline to request a ballot by mail is Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020

This election year looks a lot different than most before. Due to the pandemic, mail-in ballot requests have become more popular than ever. There is a lot of tension in the air with recent social justice issues coming to light. Even the pandemic has become more political in the U.S than any other country. 

In State College, Penn State has provided a few resources for students to understand voter registration as well as local polling places. Check out this Penn State article to see where to register to vote and how to make an informed decision.

If you’re looking for an in-person polling station, Penn State has provided a map for all of the most local stations around us and for on-campus students.

Elections are not a light topic of discussion, especially in 2020. Being able to vote means being able to use your voice. The world of politics is noisy. When election day comes around, it’s a time where political voices get a little quieter and the people’s voice gets louder. The power of voice is our right in America.

Voting in Pennsylvania is a great way to really make an impact in the election. As PA is what’s known as a swing state, frequently swings either red or blue, your vote can really help determine where this state’s electoral college votes go to. Let your voice and your beliefs be heard and vote in PA!

VALLEY hopes young voters are able to use their best judgment and vote responsibly.



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