Throw A Party: Super Bowl 2013 Edition

AshleyMilillo_SuperBowlPartyCan’t wait for Sunday and rooting for the underdog? Or maybe you don’t even know what punt returns, first downs or field goals are? Well, you don’t need to know all of the rules of football to throw an awesome Super Bowl party. Whether you’re inviting football fanatics, friends that couldn’t care less or a combination of the two, follow these quick and easy steps to throw a Super Bowl party that no one will ever forget.


First things first: the TV. Not everyone owns a plasma TV, but as long as it’s big enough for everyone to watch and the channel is clear, you should be good to go! Make sure the sound system is working properly prior to kick-off and you have enough seating for everyone. Also, put away anything delicate so there are no accidents during the game and nothing breaks out of rowdy excitement.

Team Spirit

Whether you are rooting for the 49ers or the Ravens, it’s a good idea to have decorations that represent both teams to really set the vibe. Try getting some banners for each team or at least streamers in both colors. (Red and gold for the 49ers, purple and black for the Ravens)

Most Important Part

Food, of course, is the central part to any Super Bowl party. From the snacks, to the main course, to the dessert, the party can go down the drain if your guests aren’t satisfied. Wings, chips and salsa are classic football snacks, so make sure to lay them out for everyone to grab. Pizza is undeniably the Super Bowl main course. However, because pizza places expect this and are normally extremely busy on this day, make sure to place your order at least an hour in advance. It’s also a good idea to have some kind of dessert for your guests. Brownies are quick and easy, but if you really want to go all out and impress your guests, go to your local bakery and purchase a cake in the shape of a football (or make one yourself!).


Last but not least, you need entertainment. If you and your guests don’t feel like watching this year’s halftime show (but it’s Beyonce, so you should watch), make sure to have other options. Consider breaking out your Xbox to play a little Madden during halftime and keep the football mood going. Halftime is also a good time to play your favorite tunes and really liven up the party.

See, you don’t need to be football’s number one fan to throw an awesome Super Bowl party. With these quick and easy steps, even your most football crazed friends will be impressed. You’ll leave them counting down the days until next year’s big game!

Photo by Ashley Milillo


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