Power Workout Playlist

TeddyWalker.WorkoutPlaylistA rocking playlist can get anyone through and hour-long workout. Sometimes             listening to the radio or leaving it up to the iPod shuffle gods is simply not             enough! Here’s an hour-long playlist that is sure to raise your spirits during all             your gym endeavors.

“Seven Day Weekend” – JTX: “Life’s a radio, turn it up to 10.” This pump-up song will instantly improve your attitude (especially if you’re struggling through that 5 mile run.)

“Let it Go” – Draggonette: This artist knows how to get you moving whilst sending you happy vibes through this upbeat, positive tune!

“Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)” – The Ready Set: The song title doesn’t lie, folks. This is the best song ever. This cheerful tune will have you dancing during your cardio workout.

“Clap Your Hands” – Sia: Celebrate the fact that you’re taking care of your body by giving yourself a round of applause. This lively song will get you through the next incline. 

“Better Life” – Conditions: This alternative/rock tune will benefit your workout immensely. This awesome, angst-y pump up tune will help you alleviate some stress as you tear it up on the treadmill.

“Being Bad Feels Pretty Good” – Does It Offend You, Yeah? – This alternative jam will make you feel like a B.A. in the most positive way. Kill it while hitting that elliptical machine.

“Speaking in Tongues” – Eagles of Death Metal: This upbeat, rock song is a little nutty but a lot of fun to listen to. It’ll keep you moving and feeling energetic.

“Just A Little Bit” – Kids of 88: This electronic jam is the perfect song to get you moving just before the home stretch of your workout. Relieve yourself of all tension through this musical pleasure.

“I Would Do Anything For You” – Foster the People: As you start to cool down, this cheerful and irresistible song will leave you happy and proud of a job well done.

“Mornin’” – Star Slinger: This electronic remix is the perfect cool down tune. Stretch it out with a smile while you listen to this fun, soothing jam. 

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