Sunday Funday: DIY At-Home Spa

Florio.SpaDay1You made it through the week. Whether you went out and partied your heart away, or stayed in to study for the hell week that awaits you, everyone needs a relaxing Sunday. That is the one-day of the week that you can relax, rest and most importantly, recuperate before the next week begins.

Sundays are the only day where you can sleep in, lounge around in sweats all day long, order food in and no one will judge you. If you’re a guy, you’re probably glued to the TV watching football all day long but if you’re a girl, why not try and have an at-home spa day?

Spa days are the perfect way to pamper yourself and prepare for the upcoming week. If lounging around all day in a bathrobe is too much, then at least reach for your comfy pajamas. Whether its sweats and a tank top or a matching set from Victoria’s Secret, reach for the pajamas that make you sleepy the moment you put them on.

Now, go ahead and give yourself a fresh manicure and pedicure. After a weekend of going out to parties, bars and games, or a weekend of typing away on the keyboard studying, your nails are bound to be chipped and in serious need of a fresh coat of paint. Try reaching for a deep wine color, which is really in season by the way, to get you more into the fall-mood.

Why not try a facemask while you’re at it too? You don’t need to get fancy and buy a special one. You can make one from ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. Simply mash up half a banana, mix it with a teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of yogurt and apply it to your whole face. Once it hardens, wash it away with warm water, and really make sure you take everything off!

While you’re waiting for your mask to harden, why not order some food? Sunday is a day of rest, which means no cooking. Perhaps you really want a burger you’ve been craving or you want to get a little fancy and order sushi. No matter what you’re in the mood for, has got you covered. After you ordered food, go ahead and rinse the mask off!

Finally, nothing says relaxing Sundays like eating your food while you’re relaxing on your couch watching your favorite movie. Perhaps it’s the first Sex and the City movie or The Notebook, in which case I recommend keeping a box of tissues on hand. No matter what your movie preference is, just kick back, relax, and enjoy your Sunday.

Photo by Sam Florio


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