The Best Party Games for Your Next Night In

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With everybody coming back to campus, but COVID restrictions still in full swing, many students have found themselves spending their weekend nights inside with their friends in their apartments and dorm rooms. To keep things from getting old, here are a couple ideas of party decks you can bring to your next game night!

Cards Against Humanity, $25
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Starting off the list with a classic, every college student needs some Cards Against Humanity in their life. If you’ve never played, it’s like an adult version of Apples to Apples, and it’s a must-have for your first game night. But if you feel like it’s all your friend group ever plays, and you’re getting a little bored, keep reading for other ideas!

Drunk Stoned or Stupid, $18
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A hilarious version of Who’s Most Likely To, this game is great on so many levels. Play it with new friends to test the waters, or with longtime groups to bring up embarrassing memories as evidence. No matter how you play it, it’s sure to be a hit!

Buzzed, $19.99
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If you just want to get there fast, VALLEY has the perfect game for you. Buzzed is basically a ‘take a shot if…’ kind of game, so you certainly won’t be playing for very long, but it can be a lot of fun trying to decide which of your friends deserves the card the most!

Red Flags, $25
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With many different ways to play it, this game is sure to take you by surprise. Basically, there are cards with amazing – and sometimes far-fetched – traits written on them, like, “Owns an island in the Bahamas,” or, “Believes you’re the most attractive person they’ve ever seen.” But then, you draw one ‘red flag’ which will say something along the lines of, “Worst-smelling person in the world.” Just be warned: being single may start to look a lot better after playing this game!

For The Girls, $24.99
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As the name suggests, this game was quite literally made for girls’ night. Starting out hilariously by having the player with the most Instagram followers go first, For The Girls combines Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare, Who’s Most Likely To, and Concentration 64 all into one big fun-filled game!

Incohearent, $19.99
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If you and your friends just love to have a good laugh – especially when it comes to making a fool out of yourself – you need to try Incohearent. With its name being a portmanteau of incoherent and hear, the goal is to try to figure out what real phrase the jumbled words sound like (i.e. ‘shod gone ink appear’ translating to ‘shotgunning a beer’). You may recognize it as a popular Instagram filter, but playing the card game with friends is so much better.

Codenames, $14.88
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Are you guys more of a puzzle and board game type of group? Do you want a mixture of strategy and lighthearted fun for your next party game? Definitely give Codenames a try. Split into two teams, you have to get your teammates to guess certain words on the board without selecting the others. It can get super confusing when each team has similar words. Bonus: if you want to try it out without spending the money, the websites and offer completely free online versions!

We’re Not Really Strangers, $25
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A bit of a niche game, We’re Not Really Strangers aims to foster deeper understanding and connection in the form of minimalistic conversation cards. With clearly labeled levels of depth to the cards, you can easily choose to draw the line before you start crying… or don’t! Just know, their website even includes the warning: “Feelings may arise.”

Whether you and your friends have played any of these before, or you now plan on buying one for your next night in, be sure to let us know your favorites on social media! Tag us on Instagram and Twitter @VALLEYmag!

VALLEY does not support underage drinking. Please remember to always drink responsibly.


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