It’s Time to Get a Cruelty-Free Makeover

When it comes to buying cosmetics, we always have a choice. Sephora or drug store brands? Gloss or matte? Regular mascara or waterproof? While we are deciding what the next addition to our make-up bag will be, millions of rabbits, guinea pigs and other fuzzy creatures caged in testing labs are only given one choice: a life subjected to invasive experiments and barren conditions in an attempt to test the safety of products, including cosmetics, for human use.

Various ingredients are smeared on their skins, dripped into their eyes and forced down their throats potentially leading to excruciating pain or death. Despite existing well-established safety data and modern alternatives to animal testing, some of the most recognizable cosmetics brands agree to animal testing when required by countries in which they sell their products. Maybelline, Revlon, CoverGirl and Rimmel London, among others, are staunch in their policies regardless of the growing consumer dissatisfaction with experimentation methods. Fortunately, there are several easy ways we can take action against inhumane testing.

Start by purchasing Leaping Bunny Approved brands that are cruelty-free.

Not sure what to look for? No problem! Valley rounded up a few of our favorite cruelty-free brands to try next time you are in the market for new hues.

Physicians Formula
Hard Candy
Too Faced
Urban Decay
Lush Cosmetics
IT Cosmetics
Alba Botanica
Burt’s Bees

After you’ve found some favorite new products, the next thing you can do is support cruelty-free legislation. The Humane Cosmetics Act, which would prohibit animal testing for all cosmetics sold or manufactured in the United States, was proposed to the House of Representatives in 2015. So far, it has gained bipartisan sponsors and is currently in a House Committee. At this early stage, it is critical that the constituents (that’s us!) contact our House Representatives and urge them to sponsor the Humane Cosmetics Act. Making our voice heard has never been easier because the Humane Society has already created an action alert for us to personalize and send to our state’s representatives. With collective efforts, the Humane Cosmetics act will eventually become American law. Thirty countries around the globe have already implemented laws that ban animal testing. Check out where the United States and other nations stand in the cruelty-free movement here. Be the voice the critters in labs don’t have!

Remember, we always have choices to make with makeup purchases. By choosing cruelty-free cosmetics, we discourage inhumane and obsolete testing on voiceless animals that aren’t offered another choice. Pick the right shade and sheen, but make sure cruelty is not an ingredient in your next cosmetics purchase. The bunnies will thank you later!