The Art of Minimalism

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Relax and invest only in the things that bring you joy. That is one of the main principles of minimalist fashion. Minimalist fashion is the act of stripping back the unnecessary amount of clothing and only being left with pure simplicity. 

With minimalist fashion, the average person has less clutter and less stress in their closet. By stripping down, people have a more focused style and more time to focus on the things that make them happy. Another benefit to minimalist fashion is how it helps reduce fast fashion or how it contributes to slow fashion. Slow fashion is essentially the opposite of fast fashion. Instead of buying clothes that have a short lifespan, slow fashion endorses the promotion of buying high-quality clothes with a long lifespan. This process helps the environment by reducing textile waste.

The minimalist style is normally made up of neutral tones and monochromatic colors. Although this is the default color scheme for minimalist fashion, this is not the only style. In this minimalist style, the most important thing is that a person has fewer clothes, not less style. People can still wear bright colors, all leather or anything versatile. The object of minimalist fashion is to fine-tune your style by buying less and enjoying more.

To better understand how to attribute the minimalist style to your wardrobe, here are some recommendations and pieces of clothing that VALLEY put together to help enhance your minimalist wardrobe.

The Trenchcoat

Having a trenchcoat, or oversized coat, in your closet allows you to pair it with any outfit in the colder months and gives the allusion of wearing more, by wearing less.

Go With a Base Color

By going with a base color, you can add signature colors to the look without overwhelming the whole outfit. VALLEY says it will keep your whole look tied together by having a strong base color in your look.

Little Black Dress

Having a little black dress in your closet allows you to have a piece of clothing that you can dress up or dress down when needed.

Accentuate The Silhouette 

The cut and fit of your clothes are just as important as the colors and patterns! Try to find clothes that bring out not only your personal style but clothes that accent your features as well.

Oversized Clothing

By wearing oversized clothing, you are given the illusion of wearing less! Try to spice it up even more by wearing oversized knitwear for a more comfy, loungewear look. A slouchy tunic or crewneck sweater can be the right fit in a closet.

Focus on Quality

As you seem to notice, a lot of these pieces of clothing are high in value. That’s because with minimalist fashion higher quality is important as it lasts longer and helps with slow fashion. So, if you are on a budget no need to worry!


In minimalist style, it is generally advised to try to accessorize sparingly. With that being said, a simplistic watch is a good accessory for the minimalist look. However, try not to accessorize with too many accessories or else you will take away from the outfit and it will look too busy.

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Try Minimalist-Focused Brands

If you are still looking for more inspiration on achieving the minimalist style, VALLEY recommends trying out minimalist-focused brands! Some of these include Mila.Vert, GRAMMAR and Kotn

Find the Basics for Your Wardrobe

Finding the basic pieces of clothing for your wardrobe will help you greatly with achieving a minimalist look. Try to find basic pieces such as: a solid shirt, long sleeve, pants, sneakers, and loafers.

Organize and De-Clutter Your Closet

Lastly, try to de-clutter your and organize your closet. By doing this, you have a clearer representation of what you have and an easier understanding of what your personal style is. 

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