Slow Fashion This Holiday Season

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Over quarantine, Tik Tok and other social media platforms blew up with small businesses reaching out and looking for support. Original clothing and accessories can make any look unique. Small and sustainable businesses are a great way to add to your own wardrobe or make a great gift this holiday season. 

Supporting small fashion and accessory companies is a more ethical way to update your closet. Etsy is filled with great brands and small businesses that could create meaning for a gift. 

Lonely Ghost is a small company owned by Indy Blue. She is most known for her designs and her loungewear. Her designs are simple with bold statements.

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Landia Collection is an ethical and eco-friendly swimwear company. Despite mainly being a swimwear company, they also have simple jewelry. They guarantee that 5 dollars of every piece of jewelry sold go to the Animal Welfare Institute or CAMH Foundation.

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Even though Reformation is not exactly a small business, it is known for being ethical and sustainable. This sustainability factor is one of the main reasons people shop small or seek out alternatives to fast fashion. They have a whole section on their website that goes into great detail about what makes them so sustainable, there’s no misleading or misinformation.  

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So, why should we care about buying from small businesses and sustainable ones? Buying from a local business helps people just like you maintain a business. Small businesses are more diverse in function, form, culture, and potential than larger companies, according to the Huffpost

The items purchased from a small business can be so much more personal than a big corporation where everyone has and is wearing the same things. It’s unique.


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