The Allure of a Celebrity Brand Ambassador

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Brand visibility is one thing that every fashion label must attain in order to succeed. Each brand’s ideal demographics may vary, but wanting to be seen, and be seen on the right people, is huge.

Considering we live in the age of the influencer, a more traditional way of getting publicity is having brands seen on a celebrity. Paparazzi photos, candid or staged, have the power to influence trends.

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Brand awareness is the scope in which customers can recognize a brand under different conditions. Therefore, most labels curate an aesthetic and cultivate it for years, only re-inventing when it can still fit within the established creative direction. 

However not all press is considered good press in the fashion world. TikTok user by the name of @newsfash described Harry Styles’s transition from wearing almost exclusively Yves Saint Laurent for events, to being appointed for a Gucci collaboration and ambassadorship.

On the night of the American Music Awards in 2015, Gucci immediately gave a press release taking credit for his red-carpet look. This was a 180 from YSL who almost never took credit for his looks.

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Now, Gucci is partnered with Styles for a limited release and has designed outfits for his tours. Why wouldn’t YSL want to take credit? There are a few possible explanations. Harry Styles, while undeniably famous at the time of the 2015 AMAs, didn’t have the aesthetic that YSL wanted to advertise at the time. Designers have even ignored celebrities wearing their looks because they don’t want to be seen as tacky.

It’s also possible that YSL didn’t want to be overshadowed by Styles. If too much attention shifted to the celebrity and not the product, that would not be favorable for the brand.

Harry Styles Wears Plunging Gucci Jumpsuit at Coachella
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While it’s undeniable that Harry Styles has been a powerhouse for the better part of a decade, his distinct sense of style is one that has only become more marketable with time. Gucci has experienced an abundance of positive press and financial success from its collaborations with Styles.

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