Ten Lantinx-Owned Clothing Brands We Think You’ll Love

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It’s that time of year again when it starts to seem like everything in your closet is old news. VALLEY has your back always. Beginning on Sept. 15, Hispanic Heritage Month is in full swing. During this time, we uplift the Latinx community by highlighting and recognizing its accomplishments and contributions. The observance continues until Oct. 15, but VALLEY is bringing you the perfect way to support the Latinx community year round.  

VALLEY has compiled ten Latinx-owned clothing brands that we have a feeling you’ll be obsessed with. Hispanic Heritage month is the perfect time to shine a spotlight on these brands, which deliver fantastic quality and value for your money. We’ve included brands that offer both everyday wearable items and statement pieces, encompassing all price points.

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Cuyana —This sustainable clothing brand is all about pieces that never go out of style. Founders Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah started the brand with sleek, minimalist travel accessories, but have now expanded into clothing. Megan Markle is no stranger to Cuyana and has been spotted rocking these timeless pieces numerous times. While it is on the pricier side, Cuyana delivers on the fronts of quality and versatility.  

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Viva La Bonita— This lifestyle and apparel brand sells everything from coffee to matching sweat sets. Founder Rachel Gomez empowers the Latina community through women’s streetwear. Who doesn’t want to be giving fierce and comfortable all at once? 

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Yo Soy AfroLatina— Afro-Mexican Detroit native Bianca Kathryn set out on a mission to “empower Black women within the Latin community.” Her clothing, accessories and lifestyle pieces celebrate her Afro-Latinx identity by sharing the powerful message that all brown skin is beautiful. This brand is always collaborating with other Latinx artists to make the perfect statement piece for those who are looking for something a little less simple. 

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Wavey— This edgy streetwear brand was created by Taluluah Rodriguez-Anderson in 2015 in Los Angeles. For those of you that love a good set, this is the place! Y2K is coming back stronger than ever. 

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Palo Rosa Beachwear— If you’re looking for a swimsuit with personality, you’ve come to the right place. Quality is everything when it comes to swimwear, and Palo Rosa’s trendy offerings do not disappoint. The label’s production is environmentally conscious at every level, and all products are handmade in Colombia. 

Photo from www.capittana.com

Capittana—It’s never too soon or too late to invest in a good swimsuit. Besides, it’s the perfect excuse to plan a tropical vacation this fall. Founders Stefano and Raffaella Raffo created this Peruvian swimwear brand with the goal of bringing sustainability and the art of handmade crafts together.  The company supports Peruvian women by employing them and providing a stable income. Not to mention, these pieces are so unique, you’re bound to reel in some compliments. 

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Rebdolls—The best brands are the ones that are for everyone. Founder Grisel Paula offers inclusive and trendy pieces available in sizes small through 5X. Again, this one is for our matching set lovers out there as well as those who appreciate a statement piece. 

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Selva Negra—And we’re back to sweet and simple. It’s no secret that basics are here to stay. Selva Negra, founded by Kristen Gonzalez and Sam Romero, is the perfect place to stock up on year round staple pieces. This label is an emblem of the “clean girl” aesthetic. 

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Naja— Don’t worry, Valley didn’t forget about bras and underwear. Afterall, there’s nothing more empowering than rocking a cute and comfy pair of undies. Founder Catalina Girald capitalizes on inclusivity. Naja makes lingerie that represents the world’s skin tone range as well as bright and bold designs. 

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Guaraxez— Guaraxez is for the statement-piece lover. Founder Fatima Gutiérrez celebrates Latino culture through Guaraxez’s embroidered tops, dresses, and artisanal shoes with intricate leather designs. Who doesn’t love detail? 

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