Breaking Down Fashion at Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

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From Princess Diana’s iconic “revenge dress” to the jewelry worn by senior royals such as Kate Middleton, the fashion choices of the Royal Family have consistently been analyzed by the press and the public. When Queen Elizabeth II passed away, it became apparent that her funeral would be one of the most watched events of the decade. Similarly to a royal wedding, funerals of this magnitude come with very specific clothing choices, especially when it comes to the Royal Family. If you’re wondering about the significance of their attire, we’re here to break it down for you.

Kate Middleton always seems to garner attention when it comes to fashion, whether it be her wedding dress or her everyday looks. On the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, she wore a fairly simple black coat dress by Alexander McQueen. Even though it looks like standard funeral attire, this dress is actually the black version of the outfit Kate wore during the Platinum Jubilee, which celebrated the Queen’s 70th year on the throne.

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In addition to the symbolism of her dress, Kate was also seen wearing the same jewelry, originally belonging to Queen Elizabeth, that she previously wore to Prince Philip’s funeral. This subtle touch gave her look a sentimental meaning.

Meghan Markle paid tribute to the queen with her outfit in a very similar way to Kate. Her black cape dress by Stella McCartney appeared to be the exact same dress in a different color as the dress she wore to Queen Elizabeth’s birthday celebration a few years ago. She also wore earrings that were gifted to her by the Queen on their first solo outing.

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Although Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are typically analyzed the most in terms of fashion choices, there was also plenty of significance behind Prince William and Prince Harry’s choices in attire. Prince William was seen sporting his Royal Air Force Uniform, with an Elizabeth Regina “ER” pin on his shoulder. Elizabeth Regina is the latin translation of Queen Elizabeth.

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Even though Prince Harry served in the military like his brother, he opted to wear a traditional black jacket instead of the military uniform. Interestingly, Prince Harry’s attire was subject to debate since he was originally not permitted to wear the military uniform since he is no longer a working member of the Royal Family. An exception was made, and Prince Harry was still able to wear his military medals on his jacket to the service.

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There is also meaning behind the way two of the youngest royals, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, were outfitted for the service. Instead of wearing strictly black, Prince George wore a navy suit and a black tie, which was speculated to match his father’s Royal Air Force uniform. Princess Charlotte was seen wearing a horseshoe diamond brooch that was given to her by the Queen, symbolizing her love for horses. Queen Elizabeth’s love for horses was also represented by a horse pendant necklace worn by Lady Louise Windsor, the Queen’s granddaughter.

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The Royal Family will always be scrutinized when it comes to things such as clothing choices, which means that their attire at important events is usually planned out far in advance. Based on what was worn to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, it is clear that the family made a diligent effort to honor the late Sovereign.


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