Sunday Reset for Success

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Sundays shouldn’t have to be scary; they can be both relaxing and productive. Having a constructive Sunday routine is a great reset from the weekend and help set the tone for a week of success. VALLEY has some tips to make your Sunday reset routine.

A clean space makes for a happy space

Cleaning your room is a great way to start your day. Do your laundry, make your bed, vacuum and organize anything that isn’t in its place. Making sure your space is clean not only declutters the area, but also your mind. VALLEY suggests putting on your favorite playlist or podcast while you clean to make it productive and fun. And after you’re done, you can light some candles to make your room clean and cozy.

Healthy eats

Nourishing your body with healthy food after a long weekend is crucial in making your mind and body feel good. Whether you cook a meal at home or go out to eat with friends, making sure to eat fruits and veggies to help start the track to a healthy week.

Make a plan for the week
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Staying organized is key. Making a plan will help create a week that is organized and not stressful. So, log on to Canvas, look at your planner and familiarize yourself with any assignments due, meetings, exams or anything important. VALLEY also recommends to write everything you have to do that week in either a planner or calendar to stay up to date with all your responsibilities.

Get a head start

Try to get a head start on assignments due for the week; it will only help relieve stress and save you time in the future. Whether you have an exam coming up, or a paper due, use your Sunday to be productive and get ahead. Also, VALLEY recommends going to a favorite coffee shop or spot in the library to help you feel more inspired to get things done.

Give your skin some love

Skincare is huge part of self care, and it is the perfect way to end a productive Sunday. Put on your favorite face mask and follow up with your go-to serums, oils and moisturizers that will leave your skin feeling soft and brand new for the week ahead.

Unwind to your favorite show or book

The perfect way to end a productive Sunday is being in bed unwinding with your favorite novel or watching your favorite show. Take some time before bed to just unwind and take time to yourself. VALLEY says to just remember not to make the mistake of binge watching too many episodes on Netflix and end up going to bed at 1 a.m.

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