Stay Connected To Yourself Rather Than Your Phone

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Admit it—the biggest distraction that neglects from focusing on yourself is the attachment you have to your phone. It has become so easy to escape reality simply from using technology that it has resulted in lacking the ability to experience living our lives. 

The initial thought of facing personal insecurities or problems can be terrifying., we relieve this discomfort by seeking pleasure which is the start of the phone distractions. 

In the short film Look Up by Gary Turk, we are able to examine issues relating to phone usage and the appreciation of real human interactions. It is easier to converse with someone over the internet — so ironic it is called social media when it allows you to avoid social interaction. 

Social media is one of these guilty pleasures that give off fake perceptions of reality as it is. Instagram can be filled with photoshopped pictures or TikToks that only show 60 seconds of the truth that make you wonder why that isn’t the way your life is. 

According to Forbes, distraction is a symptom of cultural dysfunction. Not being able to talk about your problems leads to more internal triggers due to the fact that people start to feel less control and setting too high expectations which creates the need to distract them from and it goes in a continuous loop. 

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When you start to feel an overwhelming mix of emotions, VALLEY understands how difficult it can be to get your mind off things. However, it is crucial to understand this is only a temporary fix. 

It is time to come to terms that this attachment to your phone is not a magnetic connection. Let go of the idea that you cannot leave the house without it and realize it is possible to set it down. 

This does not mean to delete every social platform, but to learn how to balance your time. Don’t allow yourself to become hypnotized and be endlessly scrolling through every app when you have tons of work to complete.  

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Being able to pick your head up from staring down at the notifications popping up on your screen allows you to the value of the world around you.  Spending time with yourself and taking care of what is making you feel some type of negativity is something that helps us as humans grow. 

Tuning in to reality allows you to create your own experiences instead of fantasizing about the life you could have one day. Everyone is in control of their own behavior — so take your power back and live the way you want to. 



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