Staff Pick of the Week: Fooducate

Everyone knows that moment, standing in the grocery store looking at food packaging that’s screaming at you “Whole Grain!”, “Low sugar!” or “Low fat!”  Trying to decide what is true and what will actually be beneficial for your body can be overwhelming.

Fooducate, a free health app, takes away all of that confusion and stress. The app allows you to use your camera to scan the barcode on any food item. Once it links the barcode to the food product, it provides you with a list of nutritional information.

The helpful part about this app is that gives the product a grade, so even if you’re not a nutritionist, you can see how this product compares to foods similar to it.

Once you scan an item, there are four extremely helpful tabs. The “Product” tab gives you information regarding the product, including its grade. The “Explanations” tab dives further into why the product received the grade that it did. The next tab, “Nutrition”, gives you a full breakdown of the nutritional facts about the product.

The last tab, and perhaps the most useful, is the “Alternatives” tab. This tab provides a whole list of options similar to what you scanned, which allows you to find and opt for the healthier versions of that same food.

Another helpful feature is that if the product you scanned is not in their database, you are able to enter it for review. After quickly snapping a picture of the front of the package and the nutrition facts, you can send in your request for a health rating. Although it’s not immediate, it is helpful to know for the future and usually only takes up to two weeks.

In addition to the life-changing scanner feature, the app also has a “Health Tracker” that allows you to log food ate, weight goals, and activity.

The app even has constantly updated healthy recipes, an option to connect and communicate with others that are using the app, and short articles about health related topics.

Leave the grocery store aisle confusion in the past, let Fooducate make your food shopping decisions for you.