Smart Style: Robyn Shops Thrifty

Name: Robyn Engel
Year: 5th Year Senior
Major: Architecture
Hometown: East Lyme, Connecticut

What She’s Wearing: Scarf, her local Goodwill, $3; Shirt, J Crew, $20; Skirt, J Crew, $20; Sandals, Merrell, $80

Her personal style: “I would describe myself as somewhat vintage, but quirky. I love skirts and big sweaters and scarves and I love a pair of cowboy boots that I try incorporating in outfits as much as possible.”

Spending Philosophy: “Sometimes I shop for wants, or I’ll shop just for what’s on sale. I would say I’m fairly thrifty. I can’t justify spending $1,000 on a handbag, but I’ll spend more money on shoes since I’ll use them a lot and I have bad knees.”

Photo by Shreel Parihk

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