Fall-O-Ween Accessories

Valley has a special love for Halloween, so it’s only natural that we want to celebrate early. For the 13 days leading up to Halloween, we’ll be reveling in all of the creepy, spooky and sometimes stylish fun. Join in with our countdown of the 13 Days of Halloween.

Halloween is creeping upon us and it is time to start dressing for the occasion. For fall enthusiasts and fashionistas, we found some spirited new accessories to spice up your Halloween costumes and your fall wardrobe.


What to wear!? As we anxiously await the holiday, choosing a costume may cause, well, anxiety. The best costumes require thought, creativity and time. Grasping originality is a daunting task – year after year and night to night.

Halloween-ready students Ashley Rothman, Bree Hyland and Karen Butz de Leon eagerly shop around Gift Adventures looking for the perfect costume for this year’s festivities.

“I’m usually an animal,” Hyland says. “I’ve been a mouse, a bear and this year I’m being a cheetah.”

How can you change up this year’s cliché costume into something new? Valley went right to the people who watch the costume trends every year. Gary Filkins, store manager of Gift Adventures, says anything neon is popular this year, as well as rainbow leg warmers and unicorn horns.

Modernize your same-old black cat outfit with a neon pink tail. Reusing a French maid outfit? Try bright colored fishnets. Whatever you are, make a statement and glow in the Halloween night.

Everyday Accessories

Don’t let costume finding be a distraction to your fall wardrobe’s glam. While we put a lot of focus on costume accessories during October, there’s no reason not to celebrate the season every day.

Love chunky jewelry like big rings? So do we. Switch up your usual gems with a bejeweled spider web ring from Gift Adventures or check out other spooky accessories downtown. Think skulls (which are in, anyway), bats, anything. Think edgy; think cute.

From Fingers to Toes

What’s the only thing socially acceptable to wear every day for at least a week straight? That’s right – nail polish.

Look for different shades of yellow, red or orange. Layer with black crackle polish for a total Halloween twist. If you have a steady hand, go all out with Halloween decals. Ghosts? Pumpkins? Candy corn? Check.

Most of all, have fun. Whether you’re putting on your costume for a Halloween party or just heading to class this October, go all out and make a Fall-O-Ween fashion statement; holidays are an excuse to look little wild.

Photos by Nina Abbott

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