Furry Fashion

As November’s weather changes Happy Valley from cold to freezing, that is the signal for everyone to break out the winter apparel. However, if your inner fashionista is tired of the typical Penn State blue and white sweatshirt to keep you warm, you might want to try incorporating some fur into your wardrobe.

Whether you’re into faux or real fur, Valley has some tips on where to find the cutest — and warmest — winter furry finds of the season.

Mr. Charles, 228 E. College Ave., has the largest variety of fur in stock that, so this is the first place to go see all the different colors, styles and types of fur options. The mannequins are not only styled fashionable, they can draw inspiration for your winter outfits whether for class for going out at night!

Mr. Charles employee Natasha Cooper said, “You can incorporate fur into any outfit! At Mr. Charles we sell real fur and faux fur pieces. We recently just got in absolutely beautiful scarves and vests for the upcoming winter season.” Cooper added, “We have a bunch of gorgeous coats with fur completely covering them, even on the hood of the coat.”

Want to include some fur urban trends into your style — literally? There are some great winter finds at Urban Outfitters, 234 E. College Ave. While Mr. Charles is more classic and chic when it comes to their selection, Urban has great faux fur finds with a wild inspiration this winter. Particularly, take notice of the luxurious cheetah print coat, much cuter then the average black North Face.

Girls, you can’t forget your shoes! Urban is also showing a wide variety of pumps and flats with fur prints on them. Penn State freshman and Urban Outfitters customer Felicia Silber said, “These new styles shoes with subtle fur accents are so cute and I think they will look great with all of my winter outfits and accessories.”

While you continue on your new shopping spree down College Avenue, stop into Metro, 320 E. College Ave., where all the cute earmuffs are hiding in State College. Metro has a ton of earmuffs in different colors, prints and designs. They are the perfect size to be thrown into your bag and cute enough to wear as you walk to and from classes.

So go ahead and try adding some fur pieces into your wardrobe this winter. Hey, you need to keep warm in this Happy Valley weather, so take a cue from the Nittany Lion, and wear something furry to keep warm, too!

Photo by Rhiannon Hedrick

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