The Gormsquad

gormsWhat could be better than a sandwich with buffalo macaroni and cheese, bacon and chicken? Well the answer is simple, eating that delectable sandwich while raising money and awareness for the children and families affected by pediatric cancer.

The Fraser Street Deli, located on 109 S. Fraser St., held a sandwich-making contest in early January to benefit alumni dancer candidates Maddy Pryor and Christine Kantonides.

The contest went like this: you paid $5, created your own sandwich and then named it.  All of the proceeds from registration went directly to THON, and if your sandwich won, $1 from the purchase of your sandwich won went to THON.

We decided to head on over to Fraser Street Deli the week of THON and give the Gormsquad, a sandwich created by former Valley editor Kathleen Gormley a try.

“Going into it I thought it would be too much especially after reading the ingredients because they sounded too heavy,” says Sarah Rowland.  “I was shocked with how delicious it was”.

The Gormsquad is a grilled Panini on a ciabatta roll with chicken breast, bacon, three-pepper colby jack cheese, buffalo sauce, ranch dressing and macaroni and cheese.

“I looked at the menu and realized that most of the menu had so many good sandwiches but not one had mac and cheese,” says Gormley. “That was one of the main reasons that I created it.  I mean who doesn’t love mac and cheese?”

grm 2

Gormley, is a 2014 Penn State alumni who was not only active with Valley, but active in THON throughout her college career. Along with writing for Valley, she was a THON Chair for her organization, she was on the Morale, Rules and Regulations and Public Relations committees, and she danced her senior year.

“I entered the contest because my friend Maddy was trying to dance.  So I figured I wanted to help her and it would be cool if my sandwich was on the menu,” says Gormley.  “THON has always been my favorite part of Penn State and I am happy that I can help raise money after that I have left.”

Joshua Guiher, the owner of the Fraser Street Deli expressed that he was happy with the turnout of the Gormsquad sales.

“It was created to raise money for THON and I want to keep it like that,” says Guiher.  The last day to buy a Gormsquad crediting THON 2014 is this Sunday, but don’t worry, the Gormsquad isn’t going anywhere.

In addition to keeping the Gormsquad on the menu, the Fraser Street deli will continue to donate $1 of its sales to the THON total.

As intimidating as the ingredients are the Gormsquad is one of the most filling, delicious and difficult sandwiches to describe.  Your best bet is to stop by and try it yourself.

Photos by Steven Lynch


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