What your favorite coffee place says about you

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If coffee could be put into an IV, trust that there would be college students getting hooked up to a bag solely for the caffeine buzz. Others look at drinking coffee as an experience, something to be savored and cherished. No matter how it’s done, coffee kickstarts the day.  

With multiple locations available across Penn State, there’s a different vibe for everyone.  

HUB Starbucks 
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If your preferred coffee place is the Starbucks in the HUB, it’s for convenience. Situated between campus buildings and downtown, this Starbucks is perfect for making a quick stop at (just be sure to avoid the lunch rush). You probably choose the HUB or Biobehavioral Health Building over somewhere like the library to work. You don’t mind the atmosphere of noise and people around you while you work. 

Paterno Starbucks 
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Situated in the library, this Starbucks is for those who will stay there for a while. It’s a versatile location, hosting students frantically typing essays due that night, or people who never seem to open their laptop for the entire two hours they sit there. In any case, you feel grateful for being able to settle into the awkwardly slanted armchairs or a rare table, and life with iced coffee is good. 

Saxby’s in the Business Building 
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You’re a creature of habit. When you leave to go to your classes for the day, you’d rather stay on campus than make trips back and forth to your place. Saxby’s transports you to a place that makes you feel like the main character, stopping for a break from your job in the big city. 

Panera Bread in the Kern Building
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The Panera in the Kern Building is a liminal space. No one stays in this place for very long. If this is your preferred stop, you don’t mind a bit of chaos. If an unexpected event throws off your day, you go with it. Your friends are often bewildered by your sleep schedule, but you make it work.   

Creamery coffee 
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You would be the type to go to a burger place and ask for spaghetti. Your choices feel obvious to you, and to others, you may seem set in your ways. During class debates in high school, you liked to argue both sides just for fun.  

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Your mood revolves around the type of music you’re currently listening to. Knowing who people were “before they blew up” is your specialty, but each time you say it you swear it’s true. You’re the type to make decisions “for the plot.” 

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