Katniss, Honey Boo Boo & the Fierce Five: Halloween, Meet 2012

Valley has a special love for Halloween, so it’s only natural that we want to celebrate early. For the 13 days leading up to Halloween, we’ll be reveling in all of the creepy, spooky and sometimes stylish fun. Join in with our countdown of the 13 Days of Halloween.

Students have begun to gear up for another year of creative costumes.
Instead of sticking to the classic cat or cop, try for something a little more timely. 2012 was a big year: Blockbuster movies, reality television, the presidential campaigns and the Summer Olympics. Here are some simple, DIY ways to sport the trends of 2012!

Thinking about matching with your best friends? Try the Fierce Five. After winning gold, these Olympic gymnasts made headlines across the globe. “When they won, my Facebook was full of posts from girls wishing they were gymnasts,” says junior Sara Leary. Well ladies, here’s your chance!

Start by duct taping their last names to the back of tracksuits or leotards. Spray paint the top of a peanut butter jar or something similar in shape gold, and tie the top to a purple ribbon. Once you have your gold medal and the names of the Fierce Five on your back, there’s no question that everyone will recognize you and your friends as the cutest 2012 Summer Olympians.

Want to dress up with your significant other? Try being Katniss Everdeen, heroin of The Hunger Games, popular fictional series turned fan-favorite movie. And for your man? “Who doesn’t want a boyfriend as awesome as Peeta Mallark?” says senior Nina Brigando.

For both Katniss and Peeta, start with green or dark pants, combat boots and black cargo jackets. Girls, make your mocking jay pin from construction paper, also sprayed gold, and safety pin it to your jacket. Add an orange backpack, throw your hair in a low braid and you’re ready to go! For a bow and arrow or a “real” mocking jay pin, check out Amazon for cheap prices!

Feel like flying solo this year? For something outrageous, try reality TV star Honey Boo Boo. The “Toddlers & Tiaras” star took off this year, scoring her own reality TV show, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” This child beauty pageant contestant and her out-there family are the newest guilty pleasure brought to you by TLC. “I used to be embarrassed about watching ‘Jersey Shore,’ but I think I reached a new low this year with ‘[Here Comes] Honey Boo Boo,’” says senior Jean Gray.

Honey Boo Boo is a mix of redneck and pageant girl. Make a sash by cutting thick white ribbon, knotting it in a loop and writing “Honey Boo Boo Child” on it with Sharpie. Pair your sash with a tutu and crown, add a solid tank, over-the-top makeup and carry around a liter of soda, affectionately known as “Go-Go juice.” Tight curls, frilly socks, pumps, and a crazy attitude will pull your outfit together.

Photo by Jill Podhor

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