How To: Loose Ponytail

Brittany_LoosePonyThe warm spring days are becoming more frequent, and campus has gradually come back to life after a long winter. As summer approaches and your leisure time moves outdoors, your wardrobe is calling for a new spring look and so is your hair. It’s time to get it off your shoulders and put it up! For a relaxed springy look for your locks, why not try Valley’s loose ponytail?

Step 1: Prepare

For a ponytail that holds well, it’s best to have second or third day hair that has some texture. Begin by fixing your hair with the style you’d like to have. Curl it, straighten it or leave it relaxed. It’s up to you to!

Step 2: Put it Up

Gently brush back your hair and gather it into a tight ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure with an elastic band.

Step 3: Loosen

Using a rat tail comb or your fingers, gently brush at the hair between the elastic tie and the back of your head to loosen the hair. Then, slowly slide elastic band down about a half inch to your desired looseness.

Step 4: Frame

To complete your look, pull out a few front pieces to frame your face and finish off your look.

Photo by Brittany Trappe

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