Get That Final A+ For Your Graduation Do

Victoria Oberdorf.gradhairTo the shock and disappointment of Penn State seniors, graduation is right around the corner. Those people who are waiting until the last possible second to purchase their cap and gown to avoid the sad reality of leaving Happy Valley, are starting to sulk their way to the bookstore for one of their last student purchases. But as the anxiety of being in the real world sets in, one question still remains: how do I wear my hair with this awkward looking cap?

Ponytails should be out of the picture altogether. With the shape of the cap and how it sits on the head, ponytails just don’t do anyone justice. This may come without saying, but sock buns should also be tossed out the window for graduation day. Hats and top knots don’t mix.

Instead opt for the simpler is better approach. Straight and sleek hair always looks nice in cap and gown. Be sure to part your hair in the middle and use a serum to make your hair look healthy and shiny.

If you want waves under your cap, part your hair in the middle. Then use a curling wand for that beachy look. Hot rollers should be used for a looser curl.

A loose or textured side braid is also an option—if your hair is long enough, that is. The side braid will make you look a little edgier when everyone else looks pretty much the same. Plus, the braid is a great option if the weather is scorching hot out.

Most importantly, you want to look like you for graduation. Avoid big hair decisions like dyeing, cutting or perming before the big day.

Photo by Victoria Oberdorf


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