Goodwill Hunting: The Secret World of Online Vintage

We’re college students– and money doesn’t grow on trees. This used to mean cutting down on your clothing purchases, but no more! There are tons of fun, stylish and cheap treasures waiting to be found at thrift stores. Each week, Daphne Weidner will take you on a thrifty journey to prove that being tight on money does not mean sacrificing style. Let’s get thrifty.

Heavily Sequined Jumper, 9 Crow Street

I know, this column is supposed to revolve around cheap, thrift store clothing; the clothing that won’t hurt your budget or feed your guilt. However, even though it pains me a little to admit, sometimes you just can’t find that perfect fall jacket or pair of earrings at the few thrift stores in State College. Sometimes, the need for vintage shops comes into play.

Yes, vintage clothing is typically more expensive than thrift shop clothing, but when you lay your eyes on the incredibly well made and unique pieces they offer, you won’t be able to resist. Splurging every once in awhile shouldn’t make your feel guilty if it’s on something irresistibly cool.

Here are some of my favorite online vintage shops that will make the fashionista in you freak out (in a good way):

Tunnel Vision
If you’re a lover of jewelry and a hater of being bland, this online vintage shop filled with statement jewelry is your new best friend. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen while clicking through the pages upon pages of the coolest and boldest rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces I’ve ever seen. Much of the vintage jewelry features bright reds and turquoise tones, which can serve as the perfect pop of color in an otherwise neutral fall outfit.

Black Pyramid and 9 Crow Street

Vintage Silver Turquoise and Coral Earrings, Tunnel Vision

It’s that awkward time of year when you’re not really sure what the weather is up to. Sometimes you need a jacket, and sometimes just a sweatshirt will do. Online stores Black Pyramid and 9 Crow Street hold a ton of sweet vintage outerwear that will make you drool. That pea coat you’ve had for three years is a great essential, but just take a look at these retro sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and coats and you’ll understand why sometimes it’s fun to splurge. Or, if the idea of spending a bit more hurts too much, perhaps you could add it to your Christmas list (it’s not too early, right?).

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