DIY Terrarium: Capturing Spring

24692188_007_bThe warm weather of spring has finally graced State College. Soon we’ll be seeing the trees becoming green and flowers growing. Don’t you just wish that you could keep the beauty of this season in your dorm or apartment? Well, with a terrarium, now you can. Pick a Saturday or a lazy day of summer to create your masterpiece.

What you’ll need:

A terrarium ( has a bunch of cool ones on sale now!)
Potting soil
Sheet moss
Pebbles/small stones
Plants to put in (Make sure you don’t choose something that will grow too big for your terrarium. Ask an employee for advice when choosing.)
Everything on this list, besides the terrarium, can be found at Lowes.

The simple steps:

1. Put a layer about 1 inch thick (depending on the size of your terrarium) of soil at the bottom of your terrarium

2. Add a layer of stones on top of the soil

3. Add a layer of sheet moss. This is for drainage – and it looks pretty, too.

4. Put down 2 to 3 inches of soil. Make sure you have enough room for your plants’ roots to fit. Dig holes in the soil where you plan on putting your plants.

5. Carefully remove some excess soil from your plant by teasing the roots. Then, place it in the hole you dug and move soil around it. Pat the soil around the plant gently.

6. Add more stones for decoration if you’d like

7. Lightly water

Make sure your creation gets lots of sunlight, and lightly water it once or twice a week. And there you go — you’ve successfully captured spring!

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