Sip Your Way to Hydration: A Guide to Flavoring Your Water

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Do you ever get tired of drinking plain water? Staying hydrated is vital for maintaining good health, but let’s face it, sometimes drinking water can be boring. Luckily, there are many healthy ways to add flavor to your water, making it more enjoyable to drink. Check out some of VALLEY’s favorite water-enhancing tricks below: 

Flavoring Your Water with Fruits and Herbs
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Other than drinking water plain, infusing it with fruits and herbs is one of the healthiest and most natural ways to enhance your water. Here are some amazing combinations that you have to try: 

  • Blackberry, Mint and Cucumber
  • Strawberry, Lemon and Ginger 
  • Blackberry and Sage 
  • Orange, Blueberry and Basil 
  • Grapefruit, Pomegranate and Mint

To flavor your water with fruits and herbs, add them to a glass with water and let it sit for a few minutes. You can also muddle the ingredients or let your infused water sit in the fridge overnight before drinking to allow the flavors to infuse even more. 

Try Sparkling Water 
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If you prefer a fizzy drink, try sparkling water. Sparkling water is a great alternative for those who want something more but also want to avoid sugar. Brands like LaCroix, Bubly and San Pellegrino offer carbonated water, a simple, elevated twist to plain water.

Water Enhancers
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There are also many healthy water enhancers available that can add flavor to your water. Here are some of the most popular options: 

  • Hint: Hint is a water brand that offers a variety of flavored waters without any added sugars and artificial sweeteners. If you’re on the go and don’t have time to make your own fruit-infused water, Hint is a similar-tasting alternative. They use “natural fruit essence” giving a refreshing taste. Some of their popular flavors include blackberry, watermelon and pineapple.
  • Cirkul: Cirkul is a water bottle brand that allows you to flavor your water on the go as well. Cirkul’s water bottles come with cartridges of different flavors that you can insert into the lid and control the amount of flavor you want. These cartridges come in a wide variety of flavors such as lemon, peach tea, coconut, pineapple and even iced coffee flavors. 
Pros and Cons of Flavoring Your Water

One of the biggest pros of adding flavor to your water is that it can help you drink more of it. Many flavoring options are also low or zero calorie and low in sugar, making them a great alternative to sugary drinks like soda and juice. Adding flavoring such as fruit and herbs to your water can also provide you with nutrients and antioxidants that your body needs. 

Although flavoring your water may taste good, there are some cons that may come alongside it. Certain water flavoring options may contain added sugars, artificial sweeteners and other chemicals which might not be healthy if consumed in excess amounts. Some people may also find that they become dependent on flavored water which can make it harder to drink plain water in the future. 

If you decide to add flavor to your water, make sure to read the ingredients and choose options that are best for your health and lifestyle. 

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