Snail Mucin: a Skin Lifesaver?

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Throughout the history of skincare, appearing hydrated and youthful has remained a primary goal. Society for centuries has tried to delay the aging process. Unexpectedly, snail mucin might be an antidote to the societal problem.

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Slimy but Sophisticated

Snails are not a common daily interaction, so why incorporate their mucin into beauty products? Snail mucin has been used in skincare for centuries. VALLEY believes there have been far more unconventional beauty products.

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Value of Hydration

Snail mucin is water-based. Since we need water to live, it’s only sensical that society associates hydration with a youthful appearance. 

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Water-based products have recently become more popular. The rise in popularity is due to the societal need to appear young.

Due to its hydrating qualities, snail mucin has been a part of the Korean skincare world for a long time. Recently, it has made its way into Western society because of social media.

Skin Care Content Creators

Influencers on Tiktok such as AVA and Dermguru have drawn attention to snail beauty products. 

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Dermguru, a dermatologist who regularly posts on social media, outlines steps in her video on how to use snail mucin. She recommends gently patting the product lightly onto damp skin and promptly applying a moisturizer.

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AVA, a skincare influencer, recommends jelly masks as a must-have to hydrate your skin.


Depending on the product being used, certain steps will unlock the mucin’s best potential for your skin. After all, the point of these products is to help you look refreshed and youthful!

Jelly face mask

  • Keep on for about fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • Rinse off completely with water.
  • Use it a few times each week.


  • Should be applied after using a face wash.
  • Can be included in your daily routine.
  • Often shows more visible results than using a face mask.
  • The serum is removed by washing your face at the end of the day.


  • Remove eye patches after twenty minutes.
  • Use them once or twice a week.
  • Can have a cooling sensation if kept in a refrigerator. 
Purchasing the Products

Numerous beauty products containing snail mucin can enhance your skin’s protective barrier, including creams, serums, and under-eye patches. VALLEY emphasizes the importance of achieving healthy skin without breaking the bank.

Here are VALLEY’s top picks to keep your skin hydrated!

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