Energize Your Skincare Routine: What Makes an Enjoyable Product?

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Skincare is a necessary part of every person’s hygiene routine. After all, it always helps to begin your day with a freshly-clean face! However, it can be really challenging to find the motivation necessary to incorporate a multi-step regimen into your already-busy schedule.

Sometimes, it’s so much easier to simply fall into bed without giving your pores the care they deserve. Nevertheless, there are some ways you can tailor your list of products to make your routine as enjoyable as possible, which will reduce the chance you will skip out on the essential task of maintaining your skin.

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It is often said that scent is one of the things the brain responds to the most in triggering memories. The way that something smells is intensely related to how you experience and perceive it. This principle remains true in your skincare. Using products that have a satisfying fragrance will transform your regimen into a relaxing, spa-like experience — the perfect beginning and end to your day.

Start by choosing your favorite fragrance notes and scour the internet for products that include these scenes and will fit into your routine. Experimentation is key in this process. Some skincare-lovers report that certain fragrances irritate their skin; therefore, you may need to engage in some trial and error before you discover the perfect scent for your skincare.

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When you walk down an aisle in a store, your eyes will likely be drawn to the product with the most interesting, aesthetically-pleasing packaging. The same is true for skincare products, both in purchasing them and choosing one to use in the morning. Products that are covered in interesting graphics, adorned with vibrant colors or other interesting design motifs will only add to your skincare experience, and make you that much more likely to do it.

In searching for those products that will make your regimen more enjoyable, we recommend that you look toward brands that pride themselves on sustainability. Although products that pride themselves on their unique themes and shapes are pretty to look at, there is no guarantee that these decorations are environmentally-friendly. Although we encourage you to make your regimen more colorful, it is best to do so in a way that requires as little plastic as possible.

Weight and Feel
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The way that a product feels in your hand also has an effect on how you perceive and enjoy it. For example, a cold brew coffee with plenty of ice feels satisfying in your hand due to the movement of the cubes and the sound they make. On the contrary, a cold brew without any ice just doesn’t feel the same, as it doesn’t stimulate your senses in the same way.

The same can be said for skincare products! A product made of thin, light and flimsy material is unlikely to produce a satisfying feeling. However, a product made of smooth, durable and weighted material certainly will. One thing to be cautious about in this regard is price: products made from better materials, which were made with experience in mind, will often come with a higher price tag. We encourage you to search for affordable brands that prioritize the experience related to skincare!

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