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Happy Holidaze. 4/20 has come and gone leaving a lingering cloud of smoke over the dorms and downtown State College alike. Whether or not you partake in the annual holiday, you are bound to know someone who devoted their entire Thursday to the celebration of cannabis. Some may frown upon the said activity, others protest for its nationwide legalization and many find themselves in between, occasionally being invited to join the rotation. But on this past 4/20, we did some reflection.

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Marijuana is something that conjures mixed emotions especially depending on the person you’re speaking to. But often weed enthusiasts, or those labeled as “stoners” “potheads” etc, are all looked at the same. Lazy, unmotivated and even dirty. Though as times are changing and legalization slowly sweeps across the country so are the stereotypes. It’s no longer just “hippies” and “druggies” indulging but if we’re being honest seemingly everyone! Dispensary parking lots are literally packed with soccer moms. So in lieu of this past 4/20, we’d like to celebrate. Not the activity itself but those who partake responsibly. The sophisticated stoners. Those who dismantle the stereotypes thrown upon them, finish their necessary tasks, and spark up in peace, really not paying much attention to any of our opinions.

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Of course, since marijuana is not yet recreationally legal in Pennsylvania, we assume the sophisticated stoners of Penn State are also obtainers of a medical marijuana ID. Luckily for those with med cards, the Penn State campus happens to be in close distance to multiple dispensaries. Here’s a list of the closest dispensaries to campus for your convenience.

  • Ayr Wellness on 2105 N Atherton St.
  • Vital Options on 1653 N Atherton St
  • Veriflie on 1820 N Atherton Street
Photo from @poosh on Instagram

We imagine the sophisticated stoners of State College to stay in style with the latest paraphernalia. The thing with marijuana-related pieces and products is that the price range is extraordinary. But that is entirely up to your discretion. Here are brands that provide a wide price range to help you keep it classy!


As an OG sophisticated stoner, Seth Rogan created Houseplant to help end the stigma around people who use marijuana consistently. Currently only selling its actual marijuana in Canada where it is federally legal, Houseplant also offers an array of different luxury-level ashtrays, lighters and stash containers. The message of Houseplant is to own your usage and do so in style, not hide it.

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Edie Parker

This brand has a dual function as it sells both beautiful handbags and home decor as well as a collection entirely curated for weed consumers. The collection titled “Weedie Parker” echoes its slogan “fashion meets flower” with acrylic handbags that feature built-in lighters. Other cutesy products on the site include patterned rolling papers and cake-themed stash containers. If you’re in the market for a $1000 bong they have that too!

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So dear sophisticated stoners we hope you felt seen this 4/20 and continue to in the holidaze to come!

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