Valley’s Favorite Health and Fitness App’s Right Now

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Here at Valley, we understand the temptation of grabbing a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and binge watching Friends instead of hitting the gym. While a Netflix binge is good every once in a while, going to the gym and staying healthy are very important. To keep you motivated, Valley has found three amazing (and free!) app’s that will help you feel excited and motivated to live a healthy lifestyle.

Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny is a very unique app that allows you to take care of many different plants, while reinforcing the importance of drinking water every day. The app itself is very simple — after you drink a glass of water, you can give a virtual cup of water to your plant! The more water you feed to your plant, the more it grows until it is eventually fully grown and you can plant a new seed. There are over 50 different plants you can unlock, with each design being cuter than the last. This is a great app for those who don’t drink enough water throughout the day, because it uses your BMI information to determine how much water you need every day. “Plant nanny motivated me to drink only water and to stop drinking sugary drinks which helped me lose a little weight,” says Dominica Killeen, Secondary Education freshman


Walkr is a very fun app that records the steps you’ve walked throughout the day and turns those steps into energy that you can use to build and feed planets. Similar to Plant Nanny, each plant is extremely unique and different, making it fun to walk places as you gain more energy for your plants. You can set a certain amount of steps you want to reach as your goal, and the app motivates you to reaching it. Although it doesn’t seem like much, walking is actually one of the best things you can do to stay healthy. This app reinforces the importance of walking, (plus the adorable planets you care for), making it one of Valley’s top health apps.


Sometimes it can be difficult to workout or go to the gym because it’s boring. BitGym changes this completely. This app takes you on a virtual journey through a random place in the world — the more you exercise the further you are able to travel. The app uses the camera function in your phone to sense if you are moving or not. If you stop moving, the app stops as well. There are over 100 different places you can visit, including Chile, Canada and Italy. Most of the locations are free, although you can unlock all of them for $8 a month. BitGym makes going to the gym fun and interesting as it allows you travel the world, while also getting an intense workout.

These are just a few of the many health apps that are available for both the iPhone and Android. Each app is unique and makes getting healthy fun. They motivate you to work hard and reward you for doing well. If you’re someone who wants to get into shape, or just likes being healthy in general, these apps are perfect for you!

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