Shane Dawson Spilling the Beau”TEA”

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Shane Dawson is back with another docuseries, this time giving an inside look on what exactly goes into making a beauty product from start to finish.

This started when Jeffree Star and Shane did a series last year about Stars life, titling it the “Secret World of Jeffree Star.”The past series uncovered how Jeffree got to where he is, how big his empire actually is and how he manages his businesses.

Jeffree is the owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics known for products such as his highlighters, vegan liquid lipsticks and vegan eyeshadows.

This year, Shane decided he wanted to become one with the many beauty gurus of YouTube. The series, which began a week ago, shows Jeffree sitting down with Shane to discuss how much it costs to make a palette versus howmuch a palette costs. This was an emotional moment for viewers and makeup lovers because it truly shows how much a makeup company makes off products.

According to Jeffree in the video, a palette can cost around $7 to make, and then depending on shipping it internationally and how things are transported, the profit can be double or even triple how much it costs to make.

Another interesting feature of this series is that Shane and Jeffree begin to make the palette and choose colors from a pantone swatch booklet. As a makeup user, many didnt know how shades were chosen prior, so this became an interesting point in the process as well.

As for the rest of the series to come, Shane and Jeffree are working on two palettes, including one big palette with around 20 shades and a mini palette with around nine shades. It has also been shown that there will be the signature Jeffree mirror with Shanes touch on it a pig.

There is also discussion about Shane using Jeffrees iconic lipstick formula to create his own shades and add to the collection of the crazy colored lipsticks Jeffree offers through his cosmetic brand.

There will be many more beauty secrets unveiled in the series, as Shane has hinted at addressing several controversies, in the beauty world, the beau TEA and more products that have yet to be talked about.

This series has been in the works since early February of this year, so there are many episodes still to come. To keep up with the series and watch the previous one on Jeffree Stars life, check out Shanes channel.


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