Plain White Sneaks

Photo by Stephanie Distasio

Plain-old Pam Beasley had it right with her enthusiasm for white Ked sneakers. And she rocked those things in every episode of “The Office” But how?

Many of us go for patterns and bright colors in our quest for uniqueness when it comes to shoes, especially in the warmer months. We forget that there is beauty in the simplicity of plain white sneakers and, out of nowhere, this easy trend is really taking off.

Now, we’re not talking just any plain white sneakers – in fact, there are many different kinds, styles and heights to choose from!

Starting with the classic: Pam Beasley’s favorite plain white Keds. These little numbers are incredibly versatile with almost any outfit while still being comfortable and functional. Dress them up with floaty skirts of long or short lengths, glamming up your look by stacking on the statement necklaces and bracelets, or dress your Keds down with cuffed jeans and a tee or maybe your favorite flannel.

Fashion has recently come out with a new type of plain white sneaker, this time with a little extra height. The platform sneaker has been seen everywhere, in every magazine and every color. If you’re on the shorter side and want to take a sporty twist on the wedge-heel, a platform sneaker makes adding intrigue to your wardrobe black and white. Wear them with a pair of skinny jeans or bell-bottoms for a retro look, but avoid pairing your squeaky clean platform sneakers with professional attire.

There’s also the Vans shoes. You remember the ones that were checkered black and white and people who wore them also rode skateboards and got in trouble in middle school. These shoes (with the exception of the checkered pairs) are making a huge comeback. Perfect for slipping on for a party, going to class or visiting grandma, a white pair of these kicks will leave the stereotype of being a troubled middle-schooler in the past

From TBT shoes, to the new must haves, these simple yet chic shoes are the perfect canvas on which to paint any outfit.


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