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You don’t need to wear high heels anymore to boost your height and elongate your legs. Now, all kinds of shoes come in a platform. Isn’t that uplifting?

According to Vogue, platform shoes started appearing on the streets in the 1930s, using cork or wood as a platform. In the 1970s, long, flared pants danced on top of platform shoes, giving them an extra lift and more movement. Later, some high fashion designers adopted the platform to challenge conventional shoe designs, using the platform as a counter-aesthetic.

In 2022, platform shoes are everywhere. So, VALLEY is here to help you style them!


Now that fall is in full swing, it’s time to break out the boots.

Boots are wonderfully versatile! You can wear heeled boots with a platform toe, flat platform boots or the ever-popular UGG boots. There’s boots that lace up or slip on; there’s boots that come in funky florals and basics blues. You can take your boots a step further by adding some fun socks or leg warmers. Dress your boots up to go out, or pop them on casually with jeans and a sweatshirt. Finding boots with a platform will introduce a trendy new lift into your closet.


Whether you’re strolling to class or dancing downtown, it’s great to have a pair of platform sneakers in your closet.

Platform sneakers are not only trendy and comfortable. They come in so many different styles. When it comes to platform sneakers, you can use neutral colors to complete an outfit, or you can experiment with fun colors to make your outfit more of a statement. You can also experiment with different heights. Find out if you prefer a tall, chunky platform or a subtle lift.


No doubt, 2022 has seen the return of the early 2000s aesthetic. Y2K fashion inspiration is everywhere!

When planning your next vacation, consider adding a pair of platform sandals to your night-out outfit. Platform sandals are a great choice for a dinner night because you don’t have to stress about high heels or boots biting your ankles and cramping your feet. Meanwhile, you will still achieve a stylish boost in height. Maybe you can even rock socks and sandals into the fall.

Dress Shoes

Looking for the shoe to nail that job interview and look trendy while doing it? Dress shoes are going platform, too.

Find some business casual Oxfords or loafers to add a comfy, yet stylish, edge to your outfit. A pair of classic black loafers is an investment in building a sustainable closet, because they help create a timeless look that you can wear for years to come.

How do you style your platform shoes? Submit a photo to @VALLEYmag on Instagram to be featured in a Fit Check Friday post!


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