Hot or Not: How to Judge a Guy By His Shoes

We’re going to make a sweeping generalization: the best way to judge a guy is by his shoes. Yes, his shoes. When it comes to guy’s style their shoes could very well determine if he is a suitable contender for you.

Think about it – most college guys are put into four main categories according to their sense of style. And for some of them, the word “style” could be a stretch based on what they find on their floor and sniff to see if it’s O.K. for the day’s wear.


Boys who wear Nike shoes usually pair their kicks with sweats and a hoodie or oversized sports shorts with a basic t-shirt. There is nothing wrong with this look, but if you do see a boy walking down the sidewalk with this attire, the majority would consider them an athlete or a sports fanatic in general. These guys are the people that aren’t necessarily jocks (since we aren’t in high school anymore), but they do have jock-ish qualities. From making a March Madness bracket and placing bets on their winning team to using the word “gym” as a verb, not a noun, these guys are very competitive and won’t “just do it” with anyone.


Chelseas are the latest fashionable boots featured on sites like H&M, Urban Outfitters and Topshop. A guy wearing these shoes commonly pairs them up with cuffed jeans, a leather jacket and a nice brand shirt. If you see a guy walking down the sidewalk in this outfit, you can tell he is very confident. Chelseas are an androgynous style of boot made for guys who aren’t afraid to have a sense of style that differs from the “Nike guy” look. With the different colors and textures of these boots, a guy wearing these isn’t afraid to go outside the box and challenge the norm.


These popular boat shoes have been the look for many guys identifying with a fraternity or at least like the image of a clean-cut “bro.” Paired with chubby shorts and a button-down polo, Sperrys are for guys who like to look good and keep everything in check – they may even be carrying a lint roller. If your type aligns with a  good-boy image that enjoys looking good but doesn’t mind getting a little dirty, then a guy wearing Sperrys is the way to go.


However, if you stumble upon a guy who doesn’t sprot any of the options above on their feet, they most likely fall into the “other” category. No, these guys aren’t any less of a guy per say, they are the ones who honestly doesn’t care what they put on their feet, as long as it covers their toes and gets them from point A to point B. So if you spot a guy with an “other” on, disregard his shoes and actually check out what is really important… his chosen denim-wash, of course!

But really, most guys won’t wear brand-name shoes because they don’t wake up in the morning and decide if that’s going to be a deciding point in whether or not they’re hot and if you should pursue them. Yes, looking good is important to a lot of people, but at the end of the day, who they are as a person is what really counts. Plus, if their shoes are really bad, then a project makeover would never hurt!



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