Interview Accessory: Finding the Perfect Handbag

Photo by Stephanie Distasio

You’re getting ready for an interview and you need to nail it in order to land this job or internship. You have your outfit picked out (something business-y but something that reflects your style), you’ve rehearsed your strengths and weaknesses a million times in your head, and you have your resume in hand, just in case. As you head out the door, you go to grab a handbag and stop-which should you bring? Valley has some tips for bringing the perfect handbag so you can feel even more confident and rock your interview.

Keep it simple

Don’t bring a bag that had frills, a million zippers and frays hanging everywhere. You want the bag to be stylish, but you don’t want to distract the interviewer with it. The main focus of the interview is you! Try to stay away from crazy patterns and light-up anything, also.

How much should the bag be?

You don’t want your handbag to look cheap, but you also don’t want to walk into an interview with a one-of-a-kind Coach purse. If it’s within your price range, check out Michael Kors or Asos for some nice styles. Investing in a good bag is a great idea but be sure to pick a color that will match with any outfit you’ll wear to an interview.

Style is key

Try to avoid cross-body purses or clutches. You don’t need to show up with a briefcase, but having a nice bag that you can easily take off your arm and place next to you during the interview would be perfect. Try to find a style that wouldn’t fall over when you put it down as well. That way if you have your resume in your bag, you don’t have to lean over and search the floor for the opening of your bag.

We hope this helps you out and gives you one less thing to worry about for that interview. Good luck!