Fall 2017 Issue: Everybody Makes Mistakes

In the words of Hannah Montana, “everybody makes mistakes.” While the Fall 2017 issue of VALLEY was filled with incredible stories, photos and graphics by our talented staff, some mistakes were made in the print issue that we would like to make everyone aware of.

In order of page number, the mistakes made are as follows:

Pg. 39 – The first sentence of the top paragraph in the middle column was cut off. That part of the sentence should read “Sixth International Orchestra Festival in Spain, presents.”

Pg. 40 – The last line of Jason’s response in the middle column was cut off. The end of the sentence should read “same time.”

Pg. 41 – Author Janie Cassady’s name was misspelled.

Pg. 42 – Author Kayla Ramirez’s name was misspelled. In addition, the photo attribution should be to Steph Distasio.

Thank you for all of the support for our twentieth print edition of our magazine. We can’t wait for you to see the twenty-first.