3 Steps to Building a Perfect Bracelet Stack

Stacking bracelets can actually be more tricky than you think. Too many? Too much gold? Valley is here with three quick steps to help you create your perfect bracelet stack.


Step 1: Pick a metal

This is going to be the base of your bracelet stack. You can pick a metal that matches your necklace that day, or you can mix and match your metals. Mixing metals, like putting silver and gold together, is a hot trend right now, but remember that less is more if you want to mix metals. If you want to mix metals, try keeping the bracelets thin. This will keep your wrist from being taken over by chunky bracelets and it will keep the mixing of the metals subtle, while still making a statement.

Step 2: Pick a color

Now that you’ve got your base color, you’ll want to pick a bracelet with some color in it. This will add an extra style factor to your bracelet stack and your outfit that day as a whole. Take a complementary color to your outfit or just match your colors. This part is where you can be a bit creative and experiment with colors. You can do multiple colors if you want!

Step 3: Add texture

Lastly, you’ll want to take a look at the stack you have right now and see what kind of bracelets you have put on. What you’re looking for is that not all the bracelets are of the same style. You’ll want some beaded and some that are more like bangles. Add some that have fringe aspects, and some that just sparkle. Make your stack unique!


So now that you know how to make the perfect bracelet stack, have fun with it! Accessories are half the fun when making an outfit, so never forget to accessorize!


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